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Managing Partner

Mark, who joined Connexion Capital in 2008, has 14 years experience trading derivatives and corporate bonds at leading investment banks and two decades of experience in alternative investments.

Mark started his investment banking career with Merrill Lynch in 1983, then spent ten years trading interest rate & currency swaps at JP Morgan Chase. From 1994 to 1995, he traded investment grade corporate and government bond swaps Nomura International. Between 1995 and 2000, Mark held senior trading positions at Credit Commercial de France and FIMAT International Banque, where he focused on relative value opportunities across credit and interest rate markets. In 2000, Mark joined Tradition where he structured and placed some early forms of credit default swaps. He subsequently joined Tullett Prebon, where he was Director of Alternative Risk Marketing.

Since 2008, Mark Mortimer has developed Connexion Capital’s distribution franchise within the European and UK local authority pension funds. In this period, Mark has helped his clients gain timely exposure to emerging markets, commodities, sector & regional funds as well as specialist, asset-backed lending strategies.

He has extensive experience in socially responsible investments, and has helped finance a number of greenfield 10 to 20 MW renewable and direct energy generation plants in the United Kingdom.